High quality bathroom radiators/towel rails, The unique Ventilo models are fitted with a turbo fan heater for fast room heating, discreetly positioned behind the rails, press button operated with time adjustable between 15 minutes and 2 hours.  This gives great energy economy by protecting the room at a chosen moderate temperature when empty and then quickly heating it for comfort at the press of a button on entry. Bathroom Heaters / Towel Rails

There are three convector heater ranges, the F17, F117 and F18, of identical appearance but with increasing sophistication of control, and two radiant convectors, the Solius and the handsome Nirvana, to suit all room types from the simplest to the most luxurious.  All are suitable for bathroom use in zones 2 and 3. Panel Heaters

Storage heaters are unique in providing for storing heat from low cost energy supply overnight for use the following day.  Low cost overnight tariffs are available on request from electricity suppliers. Good energy cost savings can be made if all day heating is regularly needed in a room. The ranges allow a choice of type from the most elementary to the most advanced with a choice of controls from the simplest to the most sophisticated and programmable. Storage Heaters

Radiators are heaters for the most luxurious settings, though with premium features in design, construction and control that are desirable in any living rooms and bedrooms. Radiators

These controls give a wide range of options for timed switching of the heaters, from centralised or zoned programming, by Pilot Wire or Mains Borne Signalling, to a simple timed press button for individual or small groups of heaters.  The choice includes heater or wall mounted types. Controls

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